Purchasing a new home or investment property is a big decision. And selecting the right agent for you is the first step toward success. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, the criteria that make for a great real estate agent are the same. Read on to learn more.

Extensive knowledge of the process

Searching for and buying a new property is exhilarating; enjoy the moment—knowing you have an agent who is fully versed in every step of the real estate purchase. Look for the extensive knowledge that only comes with decades of experience. Every member of our team knows the ins and outs of the process, and keeps an eye out for potential landmines, so you don’t have to.

Neighborhood and market expertise

When you’re looking to buy a home or investment property—particularly in an area you’re unfamiliar with—it’s imperative to have a real estate agent who knows the neighborhood. Any agent can look at comps and local market projections, but the right agent truly knows the area in which you’re buying—from the neighbors and local schools to the area’s best kept secrets! We know Chicago real estate and its neighborhoods’ nuances—because we’ve lived in or owned properties in nearly all of them.

A robust network of partners

Pulling the trigger on your next home purchase is nerve-wracking. And the process can seem even more overwhelming in the face of home inspection results, remodeling ideas and everything else that comes with making a house your home. Choose an agent with a solid, trusted network of service providers—from inspectors to contractors. Our referrals are the leaders in their respective segments—and can save you headaches, heartache and even money.

Excellent negotiation skills

Some real estate agents might encourage clients to submit full or close-to-full-price offers simply to speed the purchase process and secure a bigger commission. Choose a real estate agent you trust to look out for your interests first. At Alex Stoykov Group, we take great pride in our integrity, shrewd negotiating skills and ability to close deals quickly and successfully.

Ongoing commitment—even after the purchase

Any homeowner knows—the journey doesn’t end at closing. Questions regarding tax exemptions, mortgage statements, home repairs and more often crop up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted advisor in your corner? At Alex Stoykov Group, we maintain solid relationships with our clients long after the sale—happy to help answer any questions that may arise as they settle in. So from making you aware of post-purchase tax exemptions and guiding you through the paperwork to offering referrals for contractors and handymen, we’re here long after closing.


Nice to meet you!
1. Nice to meet you!

Chatting and getting to know you helps us do our best work when it comes to finding your dream home.

Let’s get pre-approved
2. Let’s get pre-approved

Mortgage pre-approval helps offer budget guiderails and ensure smooth negotiations. We’ll refer mortgage brokers, if necessary, and answer any questions during the process.

Time to find your dream home
3. Time to find your dream home

Browse the best properties the market has to offer—and even those not yet on the MLS, thanks to our inside access. We’ll help you narrow down your search and be by your side during property visits, providing invaluable advice along the way.

Submit the offer
4. Submit the offer

Rest assured—we dot our “i”s and cross our “t”s when drawing up an offer. This is a truly collaborative process between our team and your family. We’ll review all the necessary elements—close date, financing and more—to ensure you’re 100% comfortable with your initial offer.

Negotiations begin
5. Negotiations begin

If the seller doesn’t accept your first offer, we’ll work immediately and diligently toward an outcome you’ll be happy about.

Perform the due diligence
6. Perform the due diligence

Upon acceptance of your final offer, we’ll help arrange inspections and provide close consultation if issues arise. We’ll also provide solid referrals for real estate attorneys, title companies, etc., and arrange for the closing.

Time to close!
7. Time to close!

Before close, we’ll be present with you at the final walkthrough, to ensure everything is in order and in accordance with the terms of previous agreements. We’ll be there at close too, so everything goes off without a hitch!