5 small things that make a big difference when selling your home

Readying your home for sale can seem like a stressful prospect. But there are few updates that can make a big difference in the speed of sale—and the closing price—that don’t require full-blown construction or remodeling. Read on to learn more.



Some sellers raise an eyebrow at the prospect of moving all of their furniture out and moving in new furniture for staging purposes. But the results can have a remarkable impact on buyer interest and closing. Expert stagers can maximize the space—making it appear bigger, more adequately furnished and even more livable. Furthermore, a staged home gives the appearance of a home that’s been well maintained—another important signal to potential buyers. Finally, stagers are skilled at “neutralizing” a home. In other words, removing items that might seem to personal or polarizing. The more neutral and clean a homes furnishings and décor, the easier it is for a wide variety of buyers to see themselves in the home.



This one may seem obvious, but many sellers skip this stage in order to save time (or a buck). A small investment made with professional painters, however, can pay for itself in the final sale price.


Enhance your curb appeal

Potted plants or window gardens are a very cost-efficient way to instantly improve your home’s curb appeal. Landscapers can perform quick fixes as well—tidying up garden bed borders, cleaning gutters and boosting lawn health.


Consider custom closets—or at least a good cleaning

Small details, like closet space, can leave a big impression. Clean and de-clutter your closets as much as possible, and consider some small custom upgrades. Built in shelving or cubbies and additional closet rods feel like a little added luxury to buyers.


Focus on fabrics

If you can’t do full-blown staging (complete with beds and bed linens) because you’re still living in the house, consider refreshing all bed linens, removing or swapping out old window dressings and rugs and cleaning all carpets. Even though they’re impermanent, old, stained or too-loud fabrics and flooring can be a major turn-off to a buyer.


Most importantly, work with an agent who can counsel you on all the things you can do to boost the appeal—and perceived value—of your home. The best agents also have great networks of service providers—from stagers to painters—who will make the process easier and more cost efficient.